PNH has defined an export strategy that allows it to be represented today in several countries around the world.
Based on a sustained policy of growth assuring the fulfillment of its customers' expectations, PNH is today recognized as a reference in its area of activity. The constant investments in innovation and technology, helps us to be more present in the markets and allows us a portfolio of loyal customers and their recognition.
The future of PNH translates into the tireless search for maximum satisfaction of all those who relate to it.

The search for the essence of customer satisfaction and of all those who relate to us has transformed PNH into a brand of trust. 
It's been 49 years believing in the commitment we assumed since the beginning: to take to you the innovation and efficient equipments that follow the market trends!




PNH considers its Quality Policy as one of the fundamental pillars of the company's success, orienting itself towards obtaining the best quality, continuous improvement and the best possible performance.

This orientation is supported by the following principles:

1 - To satisfy the customers, both internal and external;

2 - To supply products and services that satisfy the agreed requirements;

3 - To adopt technologically efficient productive processes, in order to make production more profitable, eliminate failures, contribute to the preservation of the environment;

4 - To continuously improve production practices, in order to achieve the best performance;

5 - To promote awareness and training of its employees and those who work on behalf of PNH;

6 - To provide each employee and supplier with the appropriate skills so that they can carry out their work and/or make their supplies without defects, according to the defined performance standard;

7 - To promote the involvement of its employees, in order to encourage the improvement of the performance of their activities, taking into account the opinion of the interested parties;

8 - To ensure compliance with applicable and adopted conformity obligations;

9 - To be a leader in the hospitality industry, committed to innovation/quality.

PNH, on the path of continuous improvement, regularly evaluates its performance in order to achieve the objectives and targets it has set itself, adapting its Quality Policy to the constant evolution of activities, products, services and relationships with stakeholders.